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That’s a wrap

Students will answer questions about how a cubic metallic robot wraps itself in different exoskeletons to perform different functions.

Peering back at plants

Students will search the Science News archive for stories about photosynthesis and plant roots.

The molecular lives of plants

These questions focus on articles about two of the 2017 SN 10: Scientists to Watch. The scientists are studying how plant roots seek water and developing artificial photosynthesis.

Your inside guide to the learning brain

These discussion prompts focus on neurons and their signals and how magnetic resonance imaging works.

The amazingly malleable brain

Students will search the Science News archive for other stories related to brain connections and learning.

Building the best battery

In this activity, students will build, test and optimize their own batteries using various metal electrodes and liquid electrolytes.

What makes different types of batteries unique?

Students will research specific battery types and report on what they find.

Reduction-oxidation reaction demonstration

This teacher-led demonstration is a straightforward introduction to reduction-oxidation reactions.

Opening a battery’s black box

These discussion prompts ask students to think about ways that different elements create varied results in battery design, and related redox reactions.

Beyond today’s batteries

Students will search the Science News archive for stories related to battery research.

Seeking next-gen batteries

Based on the Science News article "Charging the future," these questions focus on battery design, how lithium-ion batteries compare with newer types and the nature of experimental design.

Our changing planet

These discussion prompts cover radiant energy coming to and from Earth, the effects of global warming on the land, ocean, atmosphere and on species, and possible methods of averting or adapting to climate change.