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Dusty data dive

Students will practice analyzing and graphing data using two data tables from a primary research study about space dust.

The great gene-editing debate

Students will research and debate a contentious issue, arguing an assigned viewpoint based on scientific evidence. This debate is focused on gene editing for the creation of human babies, but can be easily adapted for other topics.

Getting source savvy

Students will explore similarities and differences in how scientific research is reported in a journalistic article versus a primary research paper.

Web of changes

Students will think through and diagram an Arctic and local food web and will explore how ecosystem disruptions can impact the food webs.

The Periodic Table: A nuclear view

Students will learn how interactions among the protons and neutrons in the atomic nucleus affect the properties and stability of chemical elements, and how these properties could inform the creation of future elements.

Tracing tracks and guessing gaits

Students will use what they know about physics and human range of motion to analyze classmates’ trackways and infer how their classmates made the tracks.

Volcanoes, erupting now?

Students will review volcano monitoring data and learn how to use it to predict possible volcano behavior.

Now trending, the Periodic Table

After watching videos about the periodic table, students will identify general patterns in the table.

Asking for directions on Mars

Students will learn how to use an interactive online map of Mars and will identify features and make generalizations about Martian geography.

Radical protection

Students will analyze a graph from the Science News article "Parkinson's pathways."

Martian water challenge

Students will use common materials to design, build and test their own water purification system.

Pucker up

Students will analyze the amount of a chemical in a dietary supplement.