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Pick your battles

These discussion prompts encourage students to put themselves in the shoes of researchers studying animal weaponry, by evaluating, proposing and mapping out an experiment.

Surveying animal weaponry

Students will explore articles about animal weaponry from the Science News archive.

The truth behind animal brawls

Students will answer questions based on the Science News article "Fight like an animal."
dinosaur skeletons

What Makes a Dinosaur?

This guide explores what it means to be a dinosaur, and features a classroom activity focused on real fossils.

Land of the lost

In this activity, students will identify fossils using hand magnifiers or stereomicroscopes, determine which era each fossil is from and how the fossils might have formed over time.

Journey to the age of the dinosaurs

These discussion prompts cover the major groups of dinosaurs and their time on Earth, as well as how we study them today.

Dino discoveries add up

From feathers to extinction, there's a lot to learn about dinosaurs in the Science News archive.

A dinosaur defined

Students answer questions about how the definition of a dinosaur is changing with new scientific evidence.
water flea

Rising Carbon Dioxide Threatens Lake Food Webs

Students will explore how rising carbon dioxide is threatening a lake food web, and will measure how the environment affects the heart rate of water fleas.

Water flea circus

In this activity, students will measure the effect of environmental conditions on the heart rate of water fleas.

Surveying a sensitive ecosystem

These discussion prompts cover the pH scale, the solubility of gases, food webs and how organisms react to climate change.

The effects of ocean acidification

These questions explore past articles about ocean acidification in the Science News archive.