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Replication Crisis Spurs Reforms

This guide covers experimental design, social science surveys, statistics and the importance of reproducible results.

Exploring the replication crisis in the social sciences

Students will answer questions based on the Science News article "Replication crisis spurs reforms."
a language teacher with her students

There’s Extra Time to Learn a Language

This guide explores research that suggests language learning happens over a much longer period than typically thought.

Tongue tied

This activity will help students understand how the similarities and differences between languages may influence language learning.

Speak up

These discussion prompts encourage students to think about language families and language-focused technology.

Looking up languages

Students will explore and compare articles about languages and language learning as reported by Science News and Science News for Students.

Extending language learning

Students will answer questions based on the Science News article "There's extra time to learn a language."
an illustration of a DNA base pair sequence

An Open Book

This guide covers different types of personalized genetic testing and the medical information that can or cannot be learned from such testing.
Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking’s Legacy Will Live On

This guide reviews the life and work of Stephen Hawking and asks students to work individually or in small groups to derive equations and calculate a theoretical amount of Hawking radiation emitted by a black hole.

Mind over body

These discussion prompts focus on some of Stephen Hawking's most notable discoveries and ideas, as well as the disease that destroyed his nerve cells.

Fatal Fix

This guide explores what happens to the body during an overdose of opioids and asks students to research and summarize CDC data on opioids.

Opioid data dose

Students will work individually or in small groups to study different parts of the CDC website on opioids and summarize their findings for the class.