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Understanding science’s impact

Students will work in groups to analyze one of Science News' Top 10 science stories of 2018.

Martian water challenge

Students will use common materials to design, build and test their own water purification system.

Think before you drink

These discussion prompts ask students about drinking water contaminants and drinking water treatment methods.

Wading through drinking water systems

Students will answer questions based on the Science News article "Drinkability."


This guide covers drinking water contaminants and technologies that may be used to treat drinking water in small communities.

Tainted Supplements Flood the Market

This guide explores dietary supplements available in the United States and the regulations surrounding them.

Pucker up

Students will analyze the amount of a chemical in a dietary supplement.

Get to know your vitamins

These discussion prompts cover the major types of vitamins and their sources, and how vitamin levels impact health.

Transplant Tolerance

This guide reviews several experimental methods that might keep a patient’s own immune system from rejecting a transplanted organ.

Making transplants last

Students will answer questions based on the Science News article "Transplant tolerance."

SN 10: Scientists to Watch

This guide introduces students to some of the scientists featured on the SN 10: Scientists to Watch list. Students can explore the questions that motivate these scientists and their myriad career paths.

The SN 10 Game

Students will come up with a Jeopardy! style game or use a game provided to better understand the character traits, personality qualities and career paths of the SN 10: Scientists to Watch.