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Exploring the replication crisis in the social sciences

Students will answer questions based on the Science News article "Replication crisis spurs reforms."

Reflections past and present

These discussion prompts encourage students to reflect on their own academic progress, on the state of science and on the concept of reflection in physics.

Exploring Emmy Noether’s life

Students will answer questions based on the Science News article "Emmy Noether's vision."

Fatal Fix

This guide explores what happens to the body during an overdose of opioids and asks students to research and summarize CDC data on opioids.

Opioid data dose

Students will work individually or in small groups to study different parts of the CDC website on opioids and summarize their findings for the class.

Opioids in the archives

These questions ask students to search the Science News archive to expand their knowledge about opioid use and misuse.

Smartphones Overshare

This guide explores an increasingly ubiquitous technology: the smartphone. How do its sensors work, what data do they collect and how can we keep ourselves safe from its spying eyes?

A look inside the smartphone

These discussion prompts ask students to describe how various smartphone sensors work, and analyze three graphs related to data gathered by such sensors.

The spy in your pocket

Students will answer questions about how smartphone apps could be used to spy on people and how such spying might be prevented.

Who are the SN 10 scientists?

In this activity, students will gain a better understanding of the character traits, personal qualities and career paths of the SN 10 scientists through a Jeopardy!-like game.

Using Science News to develop a research question and hypothesis

Students will use Science News as a resource for discovering a research question that interests them and developing a testable hypothesis.

Surveying student research

Students can search the Science News archive for stories about student research at the International Science and Engineering Fair, ISEF.