Emily DeMarco is the deputy news editor at Science News. She earned an undergraduate degree in English from Furman University and has a master of environmental science and management from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Between her stints at school, she served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroon, where she worked on water quality and reforestation projects. Her work has also appeared in ScienceNOW and Inside Science, the online news service of the American Institute of Physics.

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  1. Science & Society

    Trump’s proposed 2018 budget takes an ax to science research funding

    Administration would cut total federal research spending by about 17 percent, according to a preliminary estimate.

  2. Tech

    SpaceX launches and lands its first reused rocket

    Aerospace company SpaceX has successfully reused a Falcon 9 rocket’s booster section for the first time.

  3. Animals

    Pectoral sandpipers go the distance, and then some

    Even after a long migration, male pectoral sandpipers keep flying, adding 3,000 extra kilometers on quest for mates.

  4. Animals

    These acorn worms have a head for swimming

    The larvae of one type of acorn worm are basically “swimming heads,” according to new genetic analyses.

  5. Archaeology

    Ancient Egyptian pot burials were not just for the poor

    In ancient Egypt, using pots for burial containers was a symbolic choice, not a last resort, archaeologists say.

  6. Tech

    Rise of reusable rockets signals a new age of spaceflight

    Successful landings by SpaceX and Blue Origin raise the prospect of cheaper and more efficient spaceflight.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Penicillin allergy? Think again.

    Most people are either mislabeled with a penicillin allergy or get over it with time, and doctors don’t always think to check.

  8. Animals

    Plant-eating mammals sport bigger bellies than meat eaters

    Mammalian plant eaters have bigger torsos than meat eaters, a new analysis confirms, but the same might not have held true for dinosaurs.

  9. Astronomy

    Surprising number of meteoroids hit moon’s surface

    A new analysis of lunar images reveals over 200 new craters and about 47,000 undiscovered “splotches” on the moon.

  10. Life

    How to make a fish face, and other photo contest winners

    The tiny face of a 4-day-old zebrafish embryo snags the top spot in microscopy photography contest.