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  1. Iron in the Mix

    Scientists look for the secret behind high-temperature superconductors.

  2. Life

    New genetic blueprint for bloodsuckers

    Mosquito genome number three could lead to new pesticides to fight the adaptable pests.

  3. Life

    X-rays in 3-D show nanosized details

    A new X-ray microscope technique peers inside materials to reveal their inner nature.

  4. Life

    Minimolecule may explain how antidepressants work

    Research finds that Prozac increases levels of a microRNA and may explain why the drugs take several weeks to work.

  5. Paleontology

    The hunchback of central Spain

    An exquisitely preserved dinosaur from central Spain has a hump on its back and suggestions of featherlike appendages on its arms. The primitive carnivore lived about 125 million years ago and may push back the first known instance of feathers on the dinosaur family tree.

  6. Life

    Hints of altruism among bacteria

    E. coli bacteria fight antibiotics with help from drug-resistant neighbors.

  7. DNA on the move

    The latest advances from the field of DNA nanotechnology include nanobot ‘spiders’ learning how to walk and even do some work.

  8. Life

    Unraveling ant genomes yields high hopes

    A new study may yield new insights into behavior and life-span in ants and other animals.

  9. Space

    Solar system older than estimated

    A meteorite’s age has pushed back the estimated time of the solar system’s formation by almost 2 million years.

  10. Space

    Moon shrinks

    New pictures expand evidence of the moon’s shrinkage over the past billion years.

  11. Life

    How salmonella helps kill cancer cells

    A bacterial foe gives the immune system a boost to seek and destroy melanoma. The findings may point to a vaccine for melanoma and other malignancies.

  12. Health & Medicine

    Brain has emotional sense

    Scientists have found regions that may be involved in storing the sights, smells, and sounds of emotional memories.