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  1. A pig in a field

    Pigs don’t deserve the name ‘Lesser Beasts’

    From ancient forests to modern farms, pigs’ relationship with humans has been symbiotic.

  2. strength of grip
    Health & Medicine

    A firm grip may predict risk of death better than blood pressure

    The strength of people’s grip could predict how likely they are to die if they develop cardiovascular or other diseases.

  3. Odaraia alata

    Ancient brain fossils hint at body evolution of creepy-crawlies

    Fossilized brains — found in the Burgess Shale in western Canada — offer clues to how arthropods morphed from soft- to hard-bodied animals.

  4. galaxy intruder

    Cosmic threesomes make some galaxies run away

    Extremely rare, free-floating galaxies called compact ellipticals may have been ejected from their home clusters after a massive intergalactic meet-up.

  5. Isle Royale wolves

    Only three wolves left on Michigan island

    Without an infusion of new wolves, the Isle Royale wolf population, and the famous study associated with it, will die off.