Letters to the Editor

  1. Science & Society

    Readers focus on fake news, neutrinos, and more

    Readers pondered how to effectively combat fake news, questioned the result of a clinical trial, and wanted to know more about neutrinos.

  2. Astronomy

    Readers’ interest piqued by Parker Solar Probe, general relativity and more

    Readers had questions about NASA's Parker Solar Probe, Einstein's general relativity theory and underwater cables used as earthquake sensors.

  3. Climate

    Readers question dark fusion, Antarctic ice melting and more

    Readers had questions about Antarctic ice melting, dark fusion and greenhouse gas emissions.

  4. Tech

    Readers share their experiences with DNA ancestry tests

    Readers delighted in learning about Emmy Noether, and asked about autonomous taxis and how the first Americans may have arrived via coastal routes.

  5. Particle Physics

    Readers ask about proton pressure, wearable tech and more

    Readers had questions about the pressure inside a proton, wearable tech safety and the effects of global warming on insects.

  6. Genetics

    Readers ponder geothermal power and more

    Readers respond to stories from the May 26, 2018 issue of Science News.

  7. Astronomy

    Readers were curious about pendulum saws, laser tweezers and more

    Readers had questions about Bronze Age pendulum saws, dark matter, lazer tweezers and more.

  8. Science & Society

    Readers respond to pesticides, Hawking radiation and more

    Readers had questions about pesticides, Hawking radiation and the intersection of science and the public.

  9. Animals

    Readers amazed by Jupiter discoveries, giant viruses and more

    Readers had questions about the latest findings of Jupiter, giant viruses being recognized as a new kingdom of life and tardigrade poop.

  10. Particle Physics

    Readers puzzled by particle physics and a papal decree

    Readers had questions about neutrinoless double beta decay and the history of domesticated rabbits.

  11. Paleontology

    Readers debate dinosaur designation and more

    Readers had questions about the dino family tree and Venus' habitability.

  12. Anthropology

    Readers ponder children’s pretend play, planetary dust storms and more

    Readers had questions about children’s fantasy play, lasers creating 3-D images and dust storms on Mars.