Letters to the Editor

  1. Readers question quantum mechanics and more

    Readers had questions about quantum computer and black holes.

  2. Readers question carbon nanotube transistors and brain organoids

    Readers had questions about carbon nantoube transistors and brain organoids.

  3. Readers ponder differences in polio vaccines and more

    Readers had questions about polio vaccines and more.

  4. Readers question killer macros and spinning wheels

    Readers had questions about theoretical dark matter particles and textile archaeology.

  5. Readers contemplate climate change and neural connections

    Readers had questions about neurons and carbon-absorbing algal blooms.

  6. Readers ask about aging perceptions, coral reefs and more

    Readers had questions about aging perceptions, coral reefs, praying mantis vision and more.

  7. Readers marvel over moon mementos and more

    Readers had questions about items left on the moon during the Apollo missions and more.

  8. Readers respond to Lyme disease, fossil teeth and a Tesseract look-alike

    Readers had questions and comments on Lyme disease prevention, speciation, and a mysterious uranium cube.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Readers inquire about measles, vaccine hesitancy and more

    Readers had questions about vaccine-hesitant parents, measles and DNA sequencing.

  10. Planetary Science

    Readers wanted to know about asteroids, lithium batteries and more

    Readers had questions and comments about asteroids, lithium batteries, and pyroclastic flows.

  11. Astronomy

    Readers boggled by black hole behemoth

    Readers had questions about the first image of a black hole and a chytrid fungus.

  12. Astronomy

    Questions about solar storms, slingshot spiders and more reader feedback

    Readers had questions about solar storms, a robotic gripper, slingshot spiders and more.