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  1. Humans

    Physicist steps up to be science adviser

    President Bush has announced that he intends to nominate John Marburger, the head of Brookhaven National Laboratory, as his science advisor.

  2. Textbooks brace for nuclear challenge

    New data threaten to shake up 30 years of scientific dogma regarding how a cell carries out one of its most basic tasks: the translation of the genetic code into proteins.

  3. Killer yeast win epic battle of toxins

    Researchers have discovered the molecular mechanism that keeps a yeast cell programed by a virus to spew a toxin that kills neighboring yeast cells from killing itself.

  4. Paleontology

    Two new dinosaurs chiseled from fossil gap

    A sleek predator and a pot-bellied giant dinosaur have emerged from North American rocks to fill in a 30-million-year gap in the dinosaur fossil record.

  5. Earth

    Global Warming Debate Gets Hotter

    President Bush gets the global warming report he commissioned just days before he meets with European leaders.

  6. Health & Medicine

    Enzyme defends germ against stomach acid

    The newly solved structure of a Helicobacter pylori acid-fighting enzyme has scientists divided about how the enzyme works.

  7. Insects deploy sticky feet with precision

    Sticky ant and bee footpads retract and unfold in time with insect steps, so the insects don't trip over their own sticky feet.