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  1. Life

    Lab-engineered organism fights malaria

    A new breed of poison-secreting fungi can kill parasites in a mosquito.

  2. Tech

    Physics of burrowing sandfish revealed

    A new study shows how sandfish lizards swim through Saharan sands, a find that could inspire better burrowing tools for use in the aftermath of disasters.

  3. Life

    Carnivorous bladderworts suck up prey

    High-speed movies confirm that bug-eating plants are vacuum feeders.

  4. Life

    Fleas leap from feet, not knees

    After years of scratching their heads over the question of exactly how the impressive jumpers launch themselves, scientists find an answer.

  5. Health & Medicine

    Allergic to cancer

    Having an overactive immune system may protect against certain types of brain tumor, a study suggests.

  6. Earth

    Extinctions breed carbon chaos

    Massive die-off left ecosystems vulnerable, an analysis suggests.

  7. Physics

    Invisibility cloaks hit the big time

    Using natural crystals, researchers have found a way to make objects up to a few millimeters tall disappear.

  8. Chemistry

    What DNA does when it stretches

    The molecule of life has some interesting elastic properties that have scientists scratching their heads.