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  1. Tech

    Is Your Phone Out of Juice? Biological fuel cell turns drinks into power

    A new type of fuel cell uses natural enzymes to produce small amounts of electricity from sugar.

  2. Physics

    Meet me at 79°50′ N, 56° W

    Violations of Newtonian physics could explain away dark matter.

  3. How smart are amoebas?

    Amoebas seem to possess a rudimentary form of memory that keeps them from walking around in circles.

  4. Physics

    Closer to Vanishing: Bending light as a step toward invisibility cloaks

    Invisibility cloaks may be a long shot, but new optical tricks could help in the design of future computers.

  5. Physics

    Warming Up to Criticality: Quantum change, one bubble at a time

    Physicists can now observe matter as it gradually turns into a Bose-Einstein condensate—the exotic state of matter that displays quantum behavior at macroscopic scales.