Eva Emerson

Editor In Chief, 2012-2017

Eva Emerson joined the Science News staff in December 2007 and, as managing editor, helped oversee redesign of the magazine and a relaunch of the website. She was promoted to editor in chief in 2012. A native of Los Angeles, Eva previously was associate director of the office of communications at the University of Southern California College of Letters, Arts & Sciences, where she edited the alumni magazine and wrote about science for campus publications. She has also held staff positions at the Magic School Bus television show, the Honolulu Weekly and the California Science Center. She is the coauthor of a book of classroom activities, Naturescope Kit: Habitats, published by the National Wildlife Federation and has freelanced for UPI, Discovery.com, ScienceNOW and Highlights for Children. She earned a B.A. in biological sciences and a graduate certificate in science communication from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

All Stories by Eva Emerson

  1. Life

    Racing for answers on Zika

    In the latest issue of Science News, Editor in Chief Eva Emerson talks Zika virus, microbes, nutrition and mental health.

  2. Quantum Physics

    Finding wonders in fat

    In the latest issue of Science News, Editor in Chief Eva Emerson talks fat cells, thermodynamics, and lead poisoning.

  3. Cosmology

    Celebrating a new way to listen to the universe

    Editor in Chief Eva Emerson reflects on the detection of gravitational waves as a historic moment for physics.

  4. Astronomy

    In all sorts of circumstances, life finds a way

    Editor in Chief discusses the new marine habitats formed by human pollution and the alarming rise of the Zika virus.

  5. Science & Society

    Powerful rhetoric can overlook important details

    Our Editor in Chief discusses the potential hazards of broad generalizations, specifically when it comes to genetically modified foods and abundant energy.

  6. Science & Society

    Insights into sexes’ differing responses to stress

    Chronic stress takes its toll on everyone. One of our reporters follows a line of research suggesting that stress hits women harder (or at least differently) than men.

  7. Science & Society

    Climate, new physics and Jupiter on the horizon for 2016

    The first issue of the new year features stories about what will, editor in chief Eva Emerson predicts, hold on as scientific newsmakers during 2016.

  8. Science & Society

    Surprises at new frontier trump a tool’s potential power

    Because it highlighted discovery at its most basic, Pluto won our No. 1 spot in the top 25 science news stories of 2015.

  9. Genetics

    Scientists consider new genetic power and its impacts

    Thanks to CRISPR, scientists’ plans for effective use of gene drives suddenly look feasible.

  10. Science & Society

    The vagus is the nerve to know

    The nervous system's meandering superhighway has the potential to lead researchers treatments for myriad health conditions.

  11. Science & Society

    Scientists find the intrigue in Earth’s dullest times

    New methods, coupled with new attitudes, are revising ideas about Earth's boring billion.

  12. Science & Society

    Perspiration is important, but inspiration is fun(damental)

    How much of science is inspiration versus perspiration?