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  • Math Trek

    May the Best Team Win

    In sports leagues and playoffs, the strongest teams often don't triumph, but redesigning the schedule of games can improve their chances.
  • Math Trek

    Kidney Matchmaking

    A mathematical optimization strategy for pairing patients who need kidneys with willing donors could increase the number and quality of transplants.
  • Math Trek

    Squashing Worms

    Defeating computer worms that mutate will take some smart defense strategies.
  • Math Trek

    Calculating the Word Spurt

    Mathematics, not brain development, explains why toddlers begin to pick up words quickly after a slow start.
  • Math Trek

    Cracking the Cube

    A combination of mathematical analysis and supercomputer number-crunching proves that any Rubik's Cube can be solved in 26 moves or fewer.
  • Math Trek

    Cloudy Crystal Balls

    Computer programs that model climate may be so complex that global warming predictions will never settle on a single, definitive answer.
  • Math Trek

    A Twist on the Möbius Band

    The twisted, single-sided loop known as a Möbius band, when made from a stiff material such as paper, takes on a complicated shape that researchers have finally calculated.
  • Math Trek

    Math as a Civil Right

    A longtime activist in the civil rights movement now teaches that mathematical literacy is the key to full participation in the country's economy.