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  1. Humans

    Nobel prizes go to scientists harnessing odd phenomena

    The 2003 Nobel prizes in the sciences were announced early this week.

  2. Earth

    North vs. Northwest: Lewis and Clark diaries provide directional clue

    Observations from the Lewis and Clark expedition may offer insight into Earth's magnetic field.

  3. Ecosystems

    Killer Consequences: Has whaling driven orcas to a diet of sea lions?

    Killer whales may have been responsible for steep declines in seal, sea lion, and otter populations after whaling wiped out the great whales that killer whales had been eating.

  4. Tech

    Dream Machines from Beans: Legume proteins provide motion

    Plant proteins swell and shrink in response to calcium, sparking new ideas for micromachines.

  5. Health & Medicine

    Sweet Relief: Comfort food calms, with weighty effect

    Chronic stress might drive people to consume comfort foods that can soothe the brain.