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  1. Artificial Intelligence

    Reinforcement learning AI might bring humanoid robots to the real world

    Reinforcement learning techniques could be the keys to integrating robots — who use machine learning to output more than words — into the real world.

  2. Artificial Intelligence

    AI learned how to sway humans by watching a cooperative cooking game

    New research used the game Overcooked to show how offline reinforcement learning algorithms could teach bots to collaborate with — or manipulate — us.

  3. Math

    Here’s how we could begin decoding an alien message using math

    A new mathematical approach looks for order in strings of bits – without relying on human assumptions.

  4. Computing

    Now that computers connect us all, for better and worse, what’s next?

    The digital revolution has brought chess-playing robots, self-driving cars, curated newsfeeds — and new ethical challenges.