Nadia Drake

Former science writing intern and astronomy writer

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  1. Space

    Asteroid sample nails meteorite source

    Dust returned from space by the Hayabusa mission shows where most space rocks landing on Earth originate.

  2. Planetary Science

    White dwarfs gobble Earthlike treats

    Astronomers have found elements in the dead stars’ atmospheres that suggest rocky planetary bodies once orbited the stars.

  3. Paleontology

    Sea monsters made great mothers

    Fossilized plesiosaur with fetus suggests ancient reptiles cared for their young.

  4. On the trail of cell navigation

    A computerized amoeba might help show the way.

  5. Life

    A cougar in Connecticut

    Using DNA and trailside cameras, wildlife biologists retrace the 18-month, 2,000-mile journey of a young male cat.

  6. Life

    Dolphin may sense the body electric

    Organs on the species' snout help it detect faint fields, like those generated by prey.

  7. Space

    Going where no Mars rover has gone before

    NASA's next Mars mission, Curiosity, will land in the Red Planet's Gale Crater.

  8. Life

    The lion eats tonight …

    Attacks on humans peak after a full moon, when feline bellies tend to rumble.

  9. Space

    Dawn on Vesta

    New image from NASA asteroid mission reveals a relic of the early solar system.

  10. Space

    Iapetus gets dusted

    Saturn moon gets its yin-yang surface by plowing through a ring of dust.

  11. Earth

    Sulfur stalls surface temperature rise

    A new study shows how pollutants helped balance out the effects of greenhouse gases from 1998 to 2008.

  12. Space

    Most distant quasar raises questions

    Superbright object appeared surprisingly soon after the Big Bang, challenging some theories about how black holes arose.