I have to tell you that your new look will keep your base audience and attract new readers. Your new design leaped off the kitchen counter and said, “Read me, read me!” It is still serious, as it should be, but so much more inviting.

Becky Moser
Kings Mountain, N.C.

I hate the new look. The old look was concise and efficient. The colors just add confusing noise. I read Science News for info, not the latest presentation style. All that color wastes money, the large typefaces waste space, and the double instead of triple columns are harder to read. I liked seeing the book offerings and letters first. They were the appetizers.

Didi Pearce
Durham, N.C.

I love the new format. It is so much cleaner and clearer. I can find what I am interested in much more easily. I also like the new prominence of the graphics in the layout.

Ray Van Houte
Reston, Va.

I am very unhappy with your new format. It makes Science News look like a supermarket tabloid. It’s not only the cover I don’t like. It’s the arrangement of the interior that also offends me.

Mary Louis Thompson
San Antonio, Texas

When Discover redesigned a few years ago, I practically cried. When Scientific American redesigned, I canceled my subscription. But this redesign is something different–it’s actually great!

Chris Charla
Oakland, Calif.

I have tried to like the new visual format, but I can’t. It looks cheap and boxy, like an in-house magazine from some two-bit business concern.

Douglas Lackey
Wayne, N.J.

Neat, new, bold look for your wonderful magazine.

Steve Hill
Ponca City, Okla.

Regarding the new cover, I suppose it’s hard to leave well enough alone. Oh well, I still love the magazine.

Craig W. Smith
Littleton, Colo.