In your article, you describe Einstein’s negative reaction to Newton’s proposition that gravity acts instantaneously on two objects. The notion of simultaneous (if not instantaneous) properties in physics is one of the basic notions of quantum physics. I do not feel that Einstein’s “particle-like” description of light makes him (even “ironically”) “a builder of the foundations of quantum physics.”

Elmer E. Smalling III
Plano, Texas

I was disappointed to observe in your article the almost universal distortion of special relativity. What is mind-bending about relativity is not time dilation. Einstein expanded our universe by showing that not only will an observer on the yellow clock (in the article’s illustration) conclude that the orange clock is ticking slower, but an observer on the orange clock will conclude that the yellow clock is ticking slower, and both will be correct!

David M. Smith
Plano, Texas

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