Biomedical writer Aimee Cunningham is on her second tour at Science News. From 2005 to 2007, she covered chemistry, environmental science, biology and materials science for Science News.  Between stints Aimee was a freelance writer for outlets such as NPR and Scientific American Mind. She has a degree in English from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in science journalism from New York University. She received the 2019 Award for Excellence in Science and Medical Journalism from the Endocrine Society for the article "Hormone replacement makes sense for some menopausal women."

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  1. Health & Medicine

    Can plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients treat the sick?

    Researchers are racing to set up clinical trials of antibody-rich convalescent plasma from recovered patients to treat or prevent COVID-19.

  2. man walking
    Health & Medicine

    The number of steps per day, not speed, is linked to mortality rate

    Researchers report an association between the total number of steps a person takes each day and the rate of death from any cause.

  3. Wuhan Red Cross Hospital
    Health & Medicine

    Why some heart patients may be especially vulnerable to COVID-19

    Researchers don’t yet know if the way the coronavirus enters cells may have something to do with the risks to the heart.

  4. Pedestrians in Wuhan
    Health & Medicine

    People who didn’t know they had COVID-19 drove its spread in China

    A new study suggests that mild cases, in which people have no symptoms or don’t get sick enough to go to a doctor, are fueling the coronavirus pandemic.

  5. nearly empty highway leading to a Beijing airport
    Health & Medicine

    Travel bans have barely slowed the coronavirus’s spread

    Travel restrictions in Wuhan and greater China have only modestly impacted the spread of the virus to other countries, researchers say.

  6. central government-sanctioned horse race in Japan
    Health & Medicine

    What the new phase of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. means for you

    U.S. health experts warn there are probably many undetected COVID-19 cases already here, raising chances the disease will soon be widespread.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Coronavirus’ spread in the U.S. may be a question of when, not if

    The virus that causes COVID-19 is likely to gain a foothold in U.S. communities, says the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  8. bag of methamphetamines
    Health & Medicine

    U.S. drug deaths dipped in 2018, but cocaine and meth overdoses rose

    In 2018, the rates of drug overdose deaths for methamphetamine and cocaine surpassed that of prescription opioids.

  9. Coronavirus illustration
    Health & Medicine

    Very few infants seem to be getting sick with the new coronavirus

    Scientists tracking how the outbreak of a novel coronavirus is affecting young children and newborns haven’t seen many cases.

  10. electron micrograph of the new coronavirus, nCov-2019
    Health & Medicine

    Cases of the new coronavirus hint at the disease’s severity, symptoms and spread

    As the coronavirus outbreak continues, estimates suggest that the majority of cases are mild. New research is clarifying how more severe cases progress.

  11. HIV virus particles
    Health & Medicine

    An experimental HIV vaccine failed a key trial in South Africa

    A vaccine against the human immunodeficiency virus tested in South Africa did not reduce the risk of infection with the virus.

  12. woman wearing face mask in New York
    Health & Medicine

    Scientists question White House measures to limit spread of coronavirus

    The White House announced new steps to fight the coronavirus outbreak, in what’s becoming one of the biggest public health challenges in decades.