Alexandra Witze

Contributing Correspondent

Alexandra Witze is a contributing correspondent based in Boulder, Colorado. Among other exotic locales, her reporting has taken her to Maya ruins in the jungles of Guatemala, among rotting corpses at the University of Tennessee's legendary "Body Farm," and to a floating sea-ice camp at the North Pole. She has a bachelor's degree in geology from MIT and a graduate certification in science communication from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Among her honors are the Science-in-Society award from the National Association of Science Writers (shared with Tom Siegfried), and the American Geophysical Union's award for feature journalism. She coauthored the book Island on Fire, about the 18th-century eruption of the Icelandic volcano Laki.

All Stories by Alexandra Witze

  1. Physics

    Uncertainty not so certain after all

    Lab experiments undermine the first formulation of Heisenberg’s famous physics principle, but leave its broader implications intact.

  2. Earth

    Arctic sea ice hits record low, and keeps going

    A summer storm and thinner ice probably contributed to this year’s massive melt.

  3. Humans

    Neil Armstrong, first man on moon, dies at 82

    Apollo 11 commander held true to his engineering roots.

  4. Earth

    When studying a monster volcano, poke softly with a sensitive stick

  5. Physics

    Molecules get a big chill

    A new cooling method takes big groups of atoms closer to long-sought temperatures for exploring the nature of matter.

  6. Earth

    Greenland enters melt mode

    This year’s record-breaking island-wide thaw punctuates an ongoing warming trend.

  7. Earth

    External ills imperil tropical reserves

    Impacts just outside park boundaries cause ecosystems within to decline.

  8. Earth

    Earth scientists think it’s time to sync their geological clocks

  9. Cosmology

    Inflation on Trial

    Generally regarded as one of the most successful theories about the early universe, inflationary cosmology is not exactly under attack. But a few scientists are questioning whether it deserves its reputation as completely untouchable.

  10. Physics

    Higgs found

    The Higgs boson, the last particle in physics’ standard model, falls into place, opening new windows to explore in the universe.

  11. Particle Physics

    Physicists bet they’re homing in on Higgs

    In its last report, an Illinois lab presents data suggesting the Higgs particle could exist.

  12. Earth

    Icelandic volcanoes slumber today, but not forever

    Eruptions pepper the North Atlantic island.