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  1. Physics

    The proton’s strange new cousin

    Physicists have discovered a new particle made of three quarks, including two strange quarks. Its existence further validates the standard model of particle physics.

  2. Physics

    Electrons as math whizzes

    A new paper suggests the possibility that the behavior of electrons in quantum systems could verify Riemann’s famous conjecture about prime numbers.

  3. Physics

    A difficult breakup

    By identifying a new way to wrestle fluorine from carbon compounds, chemists may now be able to break down certain types of greenhouse gases before they reach the atmosphere.

  4. Chemistry

    Turning CO2 into chalk and sand

    Removing carbon dioxide from smokestacks and storing it permanently is one of the possible solutions to global warming, but remains expensive to do. A new technique could make carbon sequestration economical on a large scale, while producing useful materials on the side.

  5. Health & Medicine

    Ear infections make fatty food sound good

    A history of middle ear infections could give people an affinity for fatty foods and leave them twice as likely to become obese.

  6. Earth

    Carcinogens from car exhaust can linger

    Free radicals similar to those in cigarette smoke may form when car exhaust cools off, and may persist indefinitely in the air.

  7. Physics

    Invisible hand, and a quick one at that

    God doesn’t play dice, Einstein said in his critique of quantum theory. But any alternative theory to quantum mechanics would require certain quantum events to influence each other 10,000 times faster than the speed of light, physicists have shown.

  8. Physics

    Invisibility within sight

    Two new studies take steps toward practical materials that can bend light backward, which could lead to invisibility cloaks.

  9. Chemistry

    Fingerprints go high-tech

    A new chemical technique shows promise in identifying traces of explosives, illicit drugs and perhaps even signs of disease.

  10. Physics

    Carbon tubes, but not nano

    Trying to grow better, longer nanotubes, researchers accidentally discover a new type of carbon filament, colossal carbon tubes, which are tens of thousands of times thicker.

  11. Physics

    Chem 101

    At high pressures, inner electrons begin to affect the structure of lithium.

  12. Math

    Welcome to the Quantum Internet

    Quantum encryption is here, but the laws of physics can do much more than protect privacy.