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  1. Chemistry

    Small steps toward big energy gains

    New studies with different fuel cell catalysts show promising results.

  2. Computing

    Building ‘The Matrix’

    Simulating new materials could help in building them — but only quantum simulators could fully model reality. A team reports a first step in realizing quantum simulation.

  3. Chemistry

    Quantum physics makes water different

    The length of bonds connecting water molecules could demonstrate quantum effects and help explain some of water’s weirdness.

  4. Humans

    Panic in Level 4: Cannibals, Killer Viruses, and Other Journeys to the Edge of Science

    Preston’s style of journalism, he says, is the equivalent of climbing into a boiling pot to better understand soup. PANIC IN LEVEL 4 In this collection, Preston describes some of his close encounters with the subjects he has written about, telling, for example, how he donned a “spacesuit” to visit a high-security U.S. Army lab […]

  5. Climate

    Hydrogen economy sustainable in 15 years

    Hydrogen fuel cells can eventually replace the combustion engine, but meanwhile a wider range of technologies will be needed to reduce carbon emissions.

  6. Physics

    Seeing the smallest atom

    Electron microscopes can now image single atoms of hydrogen.

  7. Materials Science

    Solar panels to dye for

    Scientists show that cheap chemical dyes may one day help with the efficient capture of the sun's energy

  8. Paleontology

    Fossils, now available in color

    Fossilized feathers of an early bird or dinosaur may retain evidence of pigment, offering a chance to animal colors of the Cretaceous.

  9. Math

    Strategy to stop a pandemic

    A limited supply of vaccine shots, if targeted well, could stop the spread of disease.

  10. Math

    Optimizing leafy networks

    Scientists reveal a mathematical principle underlying the arrangement of leaf veins in plant species.

  11. Astronomy

    Too much information in the Odyssey

    A controversial interpretation of passages from the Odyssey suggests that Homer knew much more about planetary motions than historians thought possible.

  12. Earth

    Resonating with the ocean

    An experiment may explain the origin of underwater waves that shape the sediment of continental slopes.