Jessica Shugart

Science Writing Intern, Summer 2013

All Stories by Jessica Shugart

  1. Life

    Killer cells trained on leukemia may protect some people

    Immune system seems to remember cancer in people who've never had it, a new study suggests.

  2. Vessel Growth

    Protein injection triggers vessel repair

    Retina blood lines regrow when treated with angiopoietin-1, a new study suggests.

  3. Life

    Mice lose cat fear for good after infection

    Parasite carried by cats causes ill effects on rodents long after mice get over disease.

  4. Planetary Science

    Cometlike crashes produce building blocks of life

    Amino acids in collision residue support importance of extraterrestrial impacts.

  5. humpback

    Humpbacks make a comeback in British Columbia

    Whale numbers double at a feeding site in Canada.

  6. Earth

    World’s largest volcano lurks beneath Pacific Ocean

    The dormant behemoth may rival ones on Mars.

  7. Life

    Many genes in dolphins and bats evolved in the same way to allow echolocation

    Widespread changes scattered across the genomes of distantly related species cooperated to craft the trait.

  8. Life

    A fight between gut parasites means a win for people

    Worms and Giardia can antagonize each other in the human intestinal tract, study of people in the Amazon suggests.

  9. Animals

    For sheep horns, bigger is not better

    Trade-offs between studliness and survival keep less endowed sheep in the mix.

  10. Health & Medicine

    Power of sugar may come from the mind

    Only people who believe exertion zaps willpower get a boost from glucose.

  11. Climate

    Flood damage to cost up to $1 trillion per year by 2050

    Coastal cities with growing populations will be inundated by sea level rise.

  12. Life

    Lab-grown heart has rhythm

    Researchers transform stem cells into contracting cardiac cells.