Jessica Shugart

Science Writing Intern, Summer 2013

All Stories by Jessica Shugart

  1. Animals

    New carnivore species found

    Tiny olingo species dubbed 'olinguito'.

  2. Earth

    Emissions could fuel global warming for millennia

    Climate simulation projects effects of greenhouse gases farther into the future than ever before.

  3. Health & Medicine

    Going out to lunch zaps mental focus

    Sharing a midday meal with friends could lead later to errors at work.

  4. Planetary Science

    Saturn’s tides drive icy moon’s plumes

    Enceladus' chilly jets ebb and flow in time with its planet's tug.

  5. Life

    A flash of light implants false memories in mice

    Researchers alter rodents' recollections by exciting just a few neurons.

  6. Life

    Rogue genes on X chromosome turn on in testicles

    Chunks of rapidly evolving DNA could affect sperm production in males.

  7. Life

    Gut microbes get first dibs on heart meds

    Some people harbor a strain of bacteria that chews through cardiac medication before it can treat symptoms.

  8. Animals

    Sponges boom thanks to Antarctic ice shelf bust

    Previously thought to grow at a slow pace, the sea creatures exploded in number.

  9. Planetary Science

    Gas, not planets, may be source of rings around stars

    Interactions between gas and dust may form elliptical patterns.

  10. Life

    Bacterial molecules may prevent inflammatory bowel disease

    Common compounds produced by gut microbes quench colitis in mice.

  11. Space

    Distant radio-wave pulses spotted

    Signals could help astronomers understand universe's mass

  12. Animals

    Honeybees use right antennae to tell friend from foe

    Asymmetry in sense of smell alters insects' behavior in lab tests.