Growth Curve

The inexact science of raising kids

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    Your youngest kid is three inches taller than you think

    Mothers fall prey to the “baby illusion” and consistently underestimate the height of their youngest kid.

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    For babies, walking opens a whole new world

    Walking and talking are linked as babies develop, anecdote and data show.

  3. Health & Medicine

    TV linked with brain changes in kids

    A new study of Japanese children gives more reasons not to park kids in front of the tube.

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    Experiments in pasta

    In discovery mode, babies gather every bit of information they can about the world around them.

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    Exercise while pregnant may boost baby’s brain

    Babies born to moms who exercised during pregnancy showed higher levels of brain maturity.

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    Too little noise is bad for newborns in intensive care

    Preemies housed in quiet private rooms during a NICU stay may be at risk for language problems.

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    Don’t buy breast milk on the Internet, and other helpful tips

    A new study finds bacterial contamination in breast milk bought online, but there’s more to the story than that.

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    New definition of ‘full term’ narrows on-time arrival window

    Until now, babies born at any time during a wide five-week window were considered fully cooked. Now, a panel of clinicians says otherwise.

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    The earliest thumb suckers caught on camera

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    Elusive baby sleep miracles remain elusive

    There is little evidence to support sleep-training interventions for babies younger than six months. Sorry, sleep-deprived parents.

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    Why women want to sniff my baby

    Tiny babies smell very, very good. So good that scientists really want to know why some women find this smell irresistible.

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    Conversations with my baby