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  1. Genetics

    Single exodus from Africa gave rise to today’s non-Africans

    Genetics and climate studies differ on when modern humans left Africa.

  2. Climate

    Tranquil ecosystems may explain wild swings in carbon dioxide stashing

    Semiarid ecosystems, such as grasslands and shrublands, are behind the large variation in the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide sucked in by land each year.

  3. Genetics

    Extinct species may get a second chance

    An evolutionary biologist explains the obstacles scientists must overcome to revive extinct species.

  4. Paleontology

    Rise of East African Plateau dated by whale fossil

    A whale fossil is helping to pinpoint when the East African Plateau started to rise and how the uplift played a role in human evolution, scientists say.

  5. Life

    North American bird update finds a little good news

    Conservation measures have succeeded in improving the plight of certain North American bird species, but overall the national report card says “needs improvement.”

  6. Anthropology

    Pots from hunter-gatherer site in China tell tale of lifestyle shift

    Chinese foragers settled down and made pottery shortly before farming’s ascent.

  7. Climate

    Warm, wet weather may have helped Genghis Khan rule

    Mild, wet weather — not drought — may have helped Genghis Khan expand the Mongolian empire to the largest in human history.

  8. Genetics

    Gene drives spread their wings

    Gene drives may wipe out malaria and take down invasive species. But they may be difficult to control.

  9. Animals

    Eliminating prairie dogs can lead to desertification

  10. Earth

    Shrinking ancient sea may have spawned Sahara Desert

    The Saharan Desert probably formed 7 million years ago as the ancient Tethys Sea, the forerunner of the Mediterranean Sea, shrank.

  11. Animals

    Apes do the darndest things

    Several chimp behaviors have researchers wondering if apes are a good model for early hominid life.

  12. Microbes

    Prairie microbes could aid region’s restoration

    Surveying the bacteria living in the soils of grassland ecosystems may help revive the habitats.