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  1. Chemistry

    Zippy videos teach chemistry behind everyday life

    The American Chemical Society breaks down complex reactions of everyday life in zippy online video clips.

  2. Chemistry

    Elusive acid finally created

    Cyanoform, a chemical sought for more than a century and written into textbooks, is one of the strongest organic acids.

  3. Environment

    Home fires, farm fumes are leading causes of air-pollution deaths

    Deadly air pollution comes from surprising sources, but toxicity of different types is still up in the air.

  4. Health & Medicine

    Plant spills crucial details for making cancer drug

    By injuring the Himalayan mayapple, researchers worked out how the plant makes an important ingredient in a common cancer drug.

  5. Environment

    Molting seals shed mercury along with fur

    Seals spew amassed mercury when they shed, creating hotbeds of pollution in otherwise pristine coastal environments.

  6. Environment

    Latest BPA replacement seeps into people’s blood and urine

    Replacements for BPA called BPS and BPSIP may raise health risks for cashiers.

  7. Materials Science

    Nanogenerators harvest body’s energy to power devices

    Nanogenerators offer body-harvested energy to fuel bionic future

  8. Microbes

    Bacteria in flowers may boost honeybees’ healthy gut microbes

    Honeybees may deliver doses of probiotics to the hive to help feed baby bees’ microbiome.

  9. Chemistry

    Automated chemistry could build better drugs fast and cheap

    Automated molecular synthesis may win over chemists who are not convinced that more technology in drug design is better.

  10. Chemistry

    Mussels use chemical primer to cement themselves to rocks

    Gluing proteins contain their own built-in primer.

  11. Chemistry

    Plants’ ‘don’t-eat-me’ chemicals no problem for earthworms

    Newly discovered gut compounds called drilodefensins allow earthworms to pack in plant debris loaded with hazardous chemicals.

  12. Environment

    Dust components may promote obesity

    Fat dust bunnies may contain obesity-boosting chemicals.