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  1. Life

    Penguin’s flight from Antarctica clocked

    A climate shift millions of years ago may have forced the birds’ ancestors to flee to warmer digs.

  2. Animals

    Dolphin without a name

    While splitting the dolphin family tree, researchers found a new species.

  3. Earth

    Greenhouse gas injections may unleash earthquakes

    Plans to pump carbon dioxide into the ground to mitigate climate change could create other problems.

  4. Chemistry

    Floating beads of water act as tiny test tubes

    Chemists exploit pH and ion charge in superheated water drops to create nanoparticles.

  5. Chemistry

    Water squishes into stable shapes, no container required

    Nanoparticles lock together to hold water in place for more than a month.

  6. Earth

    Trees mark the spot of buried gold

    Tiny bits of the precious metal in eucalyptus leaves indicate treasure lurks belowground.

  7. Life

    Flashy drug spotlights infection

    Doctors may be able to watch for invading microbes with a fluorescent antibiotic.

  8. Earth

    African dust once fertilized the Everglades

    Humans aren't the only source of nutrients for Florida’s wetlands. African dust may have fertilized the region thousands of years ago.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Altered wine chemical helps kill cancer

    Molecule brings its parent, resveratrol, into cells.

  10. Climate

    Humans found guilty in climate change

    International panel’s confidence increases that society is responsible for global warming.

  11. Planetary Science

    Curiosity gets the dirt on Mars

    The NASA rover completes an analysis of the first soil collected from Gale Crater.

  12. Tech

    Bacterial batteries get a solid boost

    Using microbes to harvest energy from wastewater now has a silver lining, with the metal making reliable, rechargeable batteries.