1. Animals

    Bird Plans: Jays show foresight in breakfast menus

    The strongest evidence yet that animals plan ahead may come from western scrub jays preparing for their morning meals.

  2. Animals

    Perils of Migration: New evidence that bats stalk birds

    Big Mediterranean bats snatch migrating songbirds out of the night sky in spring and fall.

  3. Animals

    What’s Going on Down There?

    In a 10-year, global effort, researchers exploring the unknowns of marine life have found bizarre fish, living-fossil shrimp, giant microbes, and a lot of other new neighbors.

  4. Animals

    Do flies eat their sibs before birth?

    A tiny fly that parasitizes cicadas could be the first insect species that's recognized to practice prenatal cannibalism.

  5. Animals

    Glittering male seeks fluorescing female

    A tropical jumping spider needs ultraviolet light for courtship.

  6. Animals

    Bite This: Borrowed toad toxins save snake’s neck

    An Asian snake gets toxins by salvaging them from the poisonous toads it eats.

  7. Animals

    Guys Roll Eyes: Fish show some eyeball to their rivals

    During breeding season, male fish roll their eyes to send a quick "Back off, punk" signal to other males, researchers say.

  8. Animals

    No-Dad Dragons: Komodos reproduce without males

    Two female Komodo dragons in zoos have startled their keepers by laying viable eggs without males, possibly as a last resort at a time when mates are in increasingly short supply.

  9. Animals

    Extreme Tongue: Bat excels at saying ‘Aah’

    The new champion among mammals at sticking out its tongue is a small bat from Ecuador.

  10. Animals

    Ebola Die-Off: Gorilla losses tallied in central Africa

    Between 2001 and 2005, Ebola virus killed at least 5,500 lowland gorillas in the Republic of the Congo.

  11. Animals

    New Butterfly: High-alpine species from low-life parents

    Little bluish butterflies high in the Sierra Nevada could be one of the few animal species to have arisen from crossbreeding of two other species.

  12. Animals

    Fighting Styles: Gene gives flies his, her conflict moves

    Switching forms of one gene can make a male fruit fly fight like a girl, and vice versa.