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  1. Life

    A molecular window on itch

    Researchers discover chemical puppet master behind the need to scratch.

  2. Plants

    Giant genomes felled by DNA sequencing advances

    Complete genetic blueprints have been collected for several conifer species.

  3. Animals

    Malaria parasite drives mosquitoes to human scent

    Compared to uninfected insects, ones carrying disease land more often on sweat-soaked stockings.

  4. Life

    Exploration forges differences in identical twins

    Mice with the same genes and surroundings diverged in brain development depending on how much they moved around their environment.

  5. Animals

    Winged robots may shed light on fly aerobatics

    After years of trying, researchers create flapping machines that can hover and perform rudimentary flight maneuvers.

  6. Animals

    Fossil illuminates ancestry of swifts and hummingbirds

    Spectacularly preserved remains suggest that the two avian groups' predecessors got small before splitting and developing their flying chops.

  7. Life

    Birds may have had to crouch before they could fly

    Digital reconstructions of avian ancestors show a progressive redistribution of weight toward the front of the body.

  8. Health & Medicine

    The Human Brainome Project

    Obama announces ambitious plan to develop new tools for exploring neural circuitry.

  9. Microbes

    Some like it acidic

    In a higher-carbon world of altered oceans, a shelled plankton species may flourish.

  10. Humans

    Obama seeks R&D funding boost in tough times

    The administration’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2014 lifts nondefense research spending by 9 percent.

  11. Life

    New technique gives see-through view into mouse brains

    Replacing fatty molecules turns organs transparent, allowing study of structure and function at the same time.

  12. Psychology

    Light found in cocaine addiction tunnel

    Using lasers, scientists target a sluggish set of neurons in rats to ease drug compulsion.