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  1. Humans

    Obama unveils brain science program

    Initiative would develop tools to measure coordinated neuron activity.

  2. Life

    Blind cave-dwelling fish also hard of hearing

    Two species that live in the dark have worse hearing than do their surface-living cousins.

  3. Life

    Microbes flourish at deepest ocean site

    At the bottom of the Mariana Trench, eleven kilometers down, bacteria prosper despite crushing pressure and isolation.

  4. Space

    Radiation ring around Earth mysteriously appears, then dissipates

    Space probes detect temporary transition from two radiation belts to three, possibly in response to solar activity.

  5. Earth

    Moderate climate warming could melt permafrost

    Ancient cave formations in Siberia reveal effects of warmer past on frozen ground.

  6. Chemistry

    Synthetic nanomaterial can recognize viruses

    The new method may have advantages over antibody-based technologies.

  7. Life

    Diversity breeds disease resistance in frogs

    Species-rich amphibian communities prove better at fending off limb-deforming parasitic infections.