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photo illustration of satellite galaxies

Seventeen dwarf galaxies (some marked above with red dots) have been found around the Milky Way this year, including eight recently announced. These satellites are often too faint for images, so astronomers use maps of star density (inset) instead.

screenshot from NameExoWorlds

VOTE EARLY, VOTE OFTEN  Mnesileüs and Kashani are just two possible names for beta Geminorum b (left). Epsilon Eridani b (right) could be renamed Stafar31 or Sufijunior. Both worlds are illustrated in a screenshot from NameExoWorlds.

comet 67P jet

AWESOME JETS  Gas and dust shoot from comet 67P in this image taken July 29 by the Rosetta spacecraft, as both make their closest approach to the sun. The image was taken was when Rosetta was 186 kilometers from the center of the comet.

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