1. Genetics

    Reprogrammed stem cells may mirror embryonic ones after all

    Donor genetics may explain why the two cell types vary.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Gene links smoking, multiple sclerosis

    Smokers with genetic variant face tripled risk of MS.

  3. Humans

    What makes a face go round

    Genetic enhancers acting far away from their intended genes can help shape a face during development.

  4. Health & Medicine

    Inactive HIV poses even greater barrier to cure

    The reservoir of dormant virus strains is larger than scientists estimated, a finding that could make the virus harder to combat.

  5. Genetics

    Dog clone genome nearly identical to donor DNA

    The genetic material of Snuppy and of his donor, Tai, is nearly identical.

  6. Life

    Good news for giant pandas

    The animal’s immune system has higher than expected genetic diversity, which could lead to better breeding programs.

  7. Genetics

    Groovy surface changes cells’ state

    Physical cues may be as important as chemical ones when trying to revert mature cells to stem-cell-like ones.

  8. Genetics

    Family takes on progeria in ‘Life According to Sam’

    A new documentary portrays an extraordinary search for a cure spurred by a teen with the premature aging disease.

  9. Genetics

    Male zebrafish sex tool stops fin regeneration

    Tiny, spiked structures on the pectoral fins of male zebrafish help them hold females steady while mating. However, the structures produce a protein that seems to hinder the fish’s ability to regenerate fins.

  10. Health & Medicine

    ‘Decoding Annie Parker’ portrays hunt for breast cancer genes

    Not long ago, most doctors scoffed at the idea of a “cancer gene,” as the new film shows.

  11. Genetics

    Cancer variants found in ‘neglected’ region of genome

    Mutations outside of genes associated with disease in study using data from a thousand people.

  12. Animals

    Tiger, lion and domestic cat genes not so different

    Genomes of big felines provide insight into their evolution.