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    Antacids for asthma sufferers?

    People with asthma have more acidic lungs than do people who don't have the disease, a finding that may prompt the development of novel asthma treatments aimed at restoring the normal pH value of the lungs.

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    Treating one disease caused another

    Egypt's public health service inadvertently spread hepatitis C while treating patients for schistosomiasis, a common parasitic disease, with injections of antischistomal medications.

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    From rabies virus to anti-HIV vaccine

    Researchers working with mice are trying to fashion an HIV vaccine by using a weakened rabies virus to bring an HIV glycoprotein to the attention of the immune system.

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    The New GI Tracts

    For preventing heart disease, diets that control insulin are all the buzz.

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    Tests may better detect prostate cancer

    Two novel tests for prostate cancer may help physicians catch this disease earlier and with far fewer false alarms.

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    Cell mixture attacks pancreas tumors

    White blood cells injected into patients with pancreatic tumors incite an immune response that blunts the cancer in some patients and extends survival.

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    Are varsity athletes prone to ALS?

    A survey of patients treated for neurological problems reveals that those with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease) are more likely to have been varsity athletes and remained slim all their lives.

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    Surgery beats splints for wrist syndrome

    Surgery proves better than nighttime splints for relieving the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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    Sideways Glance: Training helps people circumvent failing sight

    Researchers have developed a rehabilitation regime that may enable many elderly people with age-related macular degeneration to improve their vision.

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    Another Polio? Alarming West Nile fever risks emerge

    Medical workers have found poliolike symptoms in a few victims of West Nile fever, and federal officials noted that blood transfusions appear to have infected some people.

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    New Drugs Beat Old Flu: Antiviral agents counter deadly 1918 influenza

    After partially recreating a deadly influenza virus that swept the globe from 1918 to 1919 and killed millions of people, researchers have shown that available flu drugs could probably prevent a new pandemic of the 1918 influenza strain or a similar flu.

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    Immune gene linked to prostate cancer

    An immune-cell gene plays a role in predisposing men to prostate cancer.