1. Bringing science to Buddhist monks

    As a senior staff scientist at the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco, Paul Doherty has taught kids, high school teachers and the audience of the Late Show with David Letterman about physics. But when he visited India last year, he had a different set of students: monks and nuns. Monks in India learn about physics, […]

  2. Ecosystems

    Changing seasons inspire science

    Researchers are tapping into the wealth of observations being made by citizen scientists nationwide. One of the largest repositories of such data is maintained by the USA National Phenology Network.

  3. Science at 15,000 feet

    It’s only natural that for her Ph.D. research, Ulyana Horodyskyj found herself rappelling down a Himalayan cliff. After all, she got bitten by the mountaineering bug at age 6, when she witnessed her first avalanche in the Swiss Alps. The Ngozumpa glacier in Nepal is covered in dirt and debris churned up as the glacier […]

  4. The neutrino messengers

    In 1844 Samuel Morse sent a telegram from Washington, D.C., to Baltimore using pulses of electrons to encode “What hath God wrought.” Now that message has gotten a reply, courtesy of physicist Kevin McFarland and a team of his colleagues. Kevin McFarland, a physicist who sent a message using neutrinos, left his mark on the […]

  5. The Science Life

    Taking the world for a spin.

  6. Science & Society

    The Science Life: Scientific method acting