The Science Life

  1. Animals

    Inside the roaring sex lives of howler monkeys

    Listening to the intense roars of howler monkeys in Mexico inspired scientists to decipher how and why calls differ among species.

  2. Physics

    In retirement, Nobelist takes up moon bouncing

    A lifelong amateur radio enthusiast, Joseph Taylor sends signals via the moon.

  3. Neuroscience

    Brain on display

    In her online videos, Nancy Kanwisher goes where few other neuroscientists go.

  4. Astronomy

    The art of astronomy

    Astronomer Zoltan Levay uses the Hubble Space Telescope to create stunning images of cosmic landscapes.

  5. Environment

    Trash researcher tallies ocean pollution

    Marcus Eriksen has always had a thing for trash, and now he tallies ocean pollution.

  6. Chemistry

    Chemist tackles complex problems with simplicity

    Harvard chemist George Whitesides applies his unique problem-solving philosophy to creating new diagnostic devices for the developing world.

  7. Astronomy

    A musician composes a solar soundtrack

    Robert Alexander combines life long passions of both music and astronomy to uncover solar secrets.

  8. Genetics

    Molecular biologist honors ancient bones

    After deciphering an ancient skeleton’s genetic secrets, molecular biologist Sarah Anzick helped reinter the remains.

  9. Math

    Father-son mathematicians fold math into fonts

    MIT’s Erik and Martin Demaine create puzzle typefaces to test new ideas.

  10. Earth

    Cave detective hunts for clues to past sea level

  11. Science & Society

    Researcher rehab

    A project called RePAIR aims to help those who have engaged in misconduct or unprofessional behavior get a second chance.