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Einstein’s general relativity reigns supreme, even on a galactic scale

Astronomers tried and failed to find a flaw in the famous physicist’s theory of gravity

2:00pm, June 21, 2018
general relativity

FLYING COLORS  Einstein’s theory of gravity has passed another test, based on the galaxy ESO 325-G004 (bright spot at center right). The experiment is the most precise check of general relativity on a galactic scale.

Chalk up another win for Einstein’s seemingly invincible theory of gravity. A new study shows that the theory of general relativity holds true even over vast distances.

General relativity prevailed within a region spanning a galactic distance of about 6,500 light-years, scientists report in the June 22 Science. Previously, researchers have precisely tested the theory by studying its effects on the solar system (SN Online: 8/15/17). But experiments on larger scales are more difficult. The new test is the most precise one yet across such great distances.

According to general relativity, the force of gravity is the result of matter warping spacetime (SN: 10/17/15, p. 16)

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