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Get to know your microbes at ‘The Secret World Inside You’

Museum exhibit introduces visitors to the microbiome

4:00pm, January 6, 2016

MICROBE MEETING  In a new museum exhibit, larger-than-life models of bacteria, like these cellulose-eating Bacteroidetes, show the diversity of microbes that live in and on people.

The Secret World Inside You
Through August 14, 2016
American Museum of Natural History
New York City

Bacteria are not necessarily bad. That in a nutshell is the message of the newest exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Featuring oversized models of glowing green bacteria, and in some places reeking of cheese and socks, the exhibit is on a mission to rehabilitate the reputation of microbes.

“There has been a paradigm shift recently,” says Rob DeSalle, cocurator of “The Secret World Inside You.” “Scientists had been focused on how individual microbes make us sick for almost a century, but now we want people to realize that the grand majority of them won’t hurt you.”

Visitors meander through dark corridors on a tour

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