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Zippy videos teach chemistry behind everyday life

The American Chemical Society breaks down complex reactions on YouTube

8:00am, October 19, 2015
Sriracha hot sauce

CHEMISTRY IN ACTION  This episode a chemistry video series explains why compounds in Sriracha hot sauce and other spicy foods register as heat to the mouth.

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Two molecules give Sriracha hot sauce a fiery flavor by tripping a cellular alarm in the mouth that usually signals blazing-hot foods above 42° Celsius. When guacamole goes from a delectable green to an icky brown, it’s forming the pigment melanin, which also tints human skin. And there’s scientific truth to being hangry — a hunger-induced rage, possibly fueled by inferior breakfast foods.

These and other chemistry-based explainers and tips appear in breezy — and at times a bit cheesy — YouTube videos from the American Chemical Society in a series called Reactions: Everyday Chemistry. Each lighthearted episode turns the mundane into peppy chemistry questions you

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