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  1. Climate

    As the Arctic tundra warms, soil microbes likely will ramp up CO2 production

    Experiments in mini greenhouses show how the tiny organisms lurking underground in a "sleepy biome" could be a contributor to climate change.

  2. Climate

    Capturing methane from the air would slow global warming. Can it be done?

    Removing methane from the atmosphere requires different technology from removing carbon dioxide. Scientists are taking on the challenge.

  3. Plants

    Ultrasound reveals trees’ drought-survival secrets

    Scientists used ultrasound sensors and electrical probes to reveal how drought affects the tissues of living trees.

  4. Chemistry

    How a particle accelerator helped recover tarnished 19th century images

    Chemists used a synchrotron to peek beneath 150 years of grime on damaged daguerreotype images, revealing hidden portraits.