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Aina Abell

Editorial Assistant

Aina Abell is the editorial assistant at Science News. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from the University of Southern California. Before joining the staff in October 2020, she was the assistant editor at Pharmacy Today, a publication of the American Pharmacists Association, and a freelance writer for the American Heart Association. She has also taught English in Rouen, France. When she’s not nerding out about bonobos and ancient humans, she’s probably learning Arabic or attempting to make her favorite Filipino meals.

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  1. a map of the milky way with dots that might indicate anti-matter stars

    These discoveries from 2021, if true, could shake up science

    Discoveries in 2021, from hidden subatomic particles to the oldest animal fossils, could shake up science. But more evidence is needed to confirm them.

  2. an illustration of connectiosn between neurons

    50 years ago, scientists were on the trail of ‘memory molecules’

    In the 1970s, scientists found the first “memory molecule.” Several other candidates have popped up in the decades since.

  3. Album cover of Experimental Words
    Science & Society

    The spoken word album ‘Experimental Words’ weaves rhyme with reason

    The spoken word album Experimental Words, a collaboration between researchers and poets, explores the intersection between science and art.

  4. sewage runoff pours out of a drainpipe

    50 years ago, chemical pollutants were linked to odd animal behavior

    Fifty years after studies hinted that pollution interferes with how aquatic creatures communicate, scientists are still unraveling its myriad effects.

  5. a gloved hand holds plastic pack rings (to hold six canned beverages together), behind the rings is a beach

    50 years ago, scientists developed self-destructing plastic

    In the 1970s, scientists developed plastic that could quickly break down when exposed to light. But that didn’t solve the world’s pollution problems.

  6. a photo of an astronaut at the Apollo 11 moon landing site

    50 years ago, NASA relaxed quarantine rules for returning moon missions

    Fifty years after NASA declared that moon missions returning to Earth weren’t a contamination risk, protocols for planetary missions are under review.