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  1. Earth

    Nanowaste: Predicting the environmental fate of buckyballs

    The potentially harmful effects of buckyballs in aquatic environments could vary depending on the chemistry of the water.

  2. Materials Science

    Shape shifter

    Scientists have created a polymer that, after being deformed, will revert to its original shape when exposed to ultraviolet light.

  3. Chemistry

    The Proper Popper: Corn kernel’s chemistry is key to its ka-pop

    The secret to better popcorn popping is the crystalline structure of the kernel's hull.

  4. Tech

    Double bubble comes off in a pinch

    By nestling droplets inside larger droplets, scientists have created a new strategy for encapsulating food additives and fragrances.

  5. Tech

    Special Treatment

    Researchers are developing nanosize metallic particles that can break down soil and groundwater contaminants faster and more cheaply than any other existing technology.

  6. Chemistry

    Color Trails: Natural dyes in historic textiles get a closer look

    A new chemical technique for extracting natural dyes from ancient textiles could help identify the plant species from which the colorants came.

  7. Ecosystems

    Quick Fix: How invasive seaweed repairs its wounds

    Scientists have discerned the chemistry underlying the rapid wound-healing process in an invasive green alga that is wreaking havoc in the Mediterranean Sea.

  8. Chemistry

    Expanding the genetic code

    In an effort to explore the mechanisms of evolution, researchers have designed an unnatural chemical base and inserted it into synthetic DNA in a test tube.

  9. Tech

    X rays detect fingerprints

    Analytical chemists have developed a method that visualizes elusive fingerprints with X rays.

  10. Chemistry

    Stopping wool from shrinking

    Treating wool with a fungal enzyme not only prevents the fibers from shrinking but also is more environmentally friendly than using conventional chemical treatments.

  11. Health & Medicine

    Molecular decoy thwarts Alzheimer’s

    Biomedical engineers have developed polymer molecules that bind to and block the activity of proteins associated with Alzheimer's disease.

  12. Materials Science

    Clever Coating: New polymer may prolong life of medical implants

    Coating medical implants such as glucose sensors and coronary stents with copper-doped polymers could dramatically extend the devices' functioning.