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  1. Chemistry

    Inside a melting crystal

    A model crystal made of water-saturated polymer spheres shows that small defects in a crystal can cause it to melt from the inside out.

  2. Tech

    Sensor measures mass of one DNA molecule

    A new biosensor that can detect the mass of a single DNA molecule could lead to faster and more accurate screening for HIV infection, cancer, and other diseases.

  3. Materials Science

    Lube Tune-Up: Motor oil from recycled plastic could improve automotive-fuel efficiency

    Chemists have developed a technique for making high-performance lubricating oils from recycled plastic.

  4. Chemistry

    Energy on Ice

    Recent efforts to unlock a frozen source of natural gas deep under the permafrost and ocean floor have energized prospects for a methane-hydrate industry.

  5. Materials Science

    Micropower Heats Up: Propane fuel cell packs a lot of punch

    Portable electronic devices such as laptops and MP3 players could soon run on miniature fuel cells that consume propane.

  6. Tech

    Smart Trap: Nanosensor tracks major brain chemical

    The study of neurological diseases and brain functions could get a lot more precise with the invention of an optical sensor that can closely monitor a key chemical in the brain.

  7. Chemistry

    Chemical analysis deciphers biblical palette

    The first characterization of the paints used to decorate the margins of Gutenberg Bibles could help guide preservation and future restoration efforts.

  8. Materials Science

    Tissue Tether: Improved conducting plastic could boost nerve-regeneration success

    Biomedical engineers aim to repair damaged nerves with a chemically modified conducting polymer that stimulates the growth of nerve cells.

  9. Tech

    Carbon nanotubes drive X-ray scanner

    X-ray scanners based on carbon nanotubes could make airport luggage screening and high-tech medical imaging more efficient.

  10. Chemistry

    Metal Rebel: Under extreme pressure, sodium breaks the rules for turning into liquid

    In a demonstration that defies certain basic assumptions in physics, researchers have created liquid sodium at room temperature under high pressures.

  11. Chemistry

    Crystal clear

    Growing drug crystals on different polymer surfaces could improve a critical step in the development of pharmaceuticals.

  12. Materials Science

    Something to Chew On

    Researchers are closer than ever to making synthetic enamel to improve dental implants and perhaps to grow a whole tooth from scratch.