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  1. Materials Science

    Charging cartilage

    A hybrid material made of biodegradable polymers and carbon nanotubes yields an optimal scaffold for growing cartilage.

  2. Materials Science

    Soft spheres yield photonic structures

    A novel technique for patterning light-guiding channels through photonic crystals made of hydrogel nanoparticles may lead to faster, all-optical telecommunications technologies.

  3. Earth

    Mapping carbon dioxide from space

    An orbiting observatory in space will sense atmospheric carbon dioxide levels around the globe, creating a detailed map of the greenhouse gas' sources and sinks.

  4. Materials Science

    Molecular Memory: Carbon-nanotube device stores data in molecules

    Scientists have created a memory device in which data are encoded in switching molecules called catenanes that are attached to a carbon nanotube.

  5. Chemistry

    Secret of strong silk

    By controlling the amount of water in their glands, spiders and silkworms prevent their silk proteins from crystallizing prematurely.

  6. Chemistry

    Catalyzing green chemistry

    A recyclable catalyst promises to eliminate the waste generated during the manufacture of a wide range of chemicals, including drugs and ceramics.

  7. Chemistry

    Amino acid lends a heavy hand

    Scientists have identified a mechanism to explain how amino acids evolved to become exclusively left-handed in all living organisms.

  8. Tech

    Smart dust can swarm target

    Microscopic mirrors can swarm a target and produce an optical signal that identifies the target to the observer.

  9. Materials Science

    Sopping Up Heavy Metal: Hybrid material removes mercury from water

    A hybrid material consisting of a bacterial protein and a temperature-sensitive polymer proves efficient at removing mercury from contaminated water.

  10. Materials Science

    Plastic Chips: New materials boost organic electronics

    A new class of electrically conducting organic molecules provides researchers with improved materials with which to fabricate plastic electronic devices.

  11. Tech

    Bomb Sniffer: Cantilevers detect trace amounts of explosives

    An ultra-sensitive chemical sensor uses microcantilevers to detect airborne plastic explosives within seconds.