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  1. Health & Medicine

    What makes cells stop dividing and growing

    Scientists have found that the protein GATA4 helps control cellular senescence, and may be a target for treating aging-related diseases.

  2. Benyam Kinde headshot

    Benyam Kinde: Gene expression and Rett syndrome

    M.D.-Ph.D. student Benyam Kinde studies how genetic changes affect brain cells’ activity in Rett syndrome.

  3. Isaac Kinde headshot
    Health & Medicine

    Isaac Kinde: Finding cancer via altered genes

    Isaac Kinde helped create a technology that can spot cancers early to give patients a better chance at survival.

  4. heart diagrams
    Health & Medicine

    In 1965, hopes were high for artificial hearts

    Developing artificial hearts took longer than expected, and improved devices are still under investigation.

  5. Diver with giant barrel sponge

    Giant barrel sponges are hijacking Florida’s coral reefs

    Giant barrel sponges are gradually taking over and threatening Florida’s coral reefs, a new census suggests.

  6. Arctic mosquitoes with pencil

    Warmer waters give Arctic mosquitoes a growth spurt

    Arctic mosquitoes develop faster in warmer waters, outpacing increased predation.

  7. satyr statue

    For a female mosquito, the wrong guy can mean no babies

    Male Asian tiger mosquitoes leave female yellow fever mosquitoes uninterested in mating with their own species, a process known as “satyrization.”

  8. fruit fly

    Evolution caught red-handed

    Scientists have named a new gene on the fruit fly Y chromosome “flagrante delicto Y.”

  9. Myotis septentrionalis bat

    Patrolling bats protect corn fields from pests

    Bats play a key role in protecting corn from pests and fungus.

  10. day-night melanin
    Health & Medicine

    Less vitamin D and melatonin bad for multiple sclerosis

    Vitamin D and melatonin play important roles in multiple sclerosis.

  11. frog

    Decoy switches frogs’ mating call preference

    A female túngara frog may switch her choice between two prospective mates when presented with a third, least attractive option.

  12. poliovirus
    Health & Medicine

    Vaccinated man excretes live poliovirus for nearly 3 decades

    For almost 30 years, a man with an immune deficiency has been shedding poliovirus strains that have evolved from the version he received in a vaccine.