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  1. Health & Medicine

    Spit test could provide early warning of head, neck cancers

    A new study shows that signs of head and neck cancer can be detected in saliva and blood plasma even before tumors are clinically diagnosed.

  2. eyeless, compact yeti crab Kiwa tyleri

    Newly discovered yeti crab swarms around Antarctic hydrothermal vents

    A newly discovered species of yeti crab thrives in tough conditions on Antarctic hydrothermal vents.

  3. olfactory fingerprints

    Sense of smell is strictly personal, study suggests

    A new test can identify individuals based on their sense of smell, and may hold information about a person’s genetic makeup as well.

  4. Ebola map

    Ebola continues to shift, but grows no more fatal

    In the West African epidemic, Ebola evolved and spread quickly, but the virus is not becoming deadlier over time.

  5. Ecosystems

    Ocean food source lives by day, dies by night

    The most abundant carbon fixer in the oceans lives by day, dies by night, and may be key to the balance of marine ecosystems.

  6. skull

    Bronze Age humans racked up travel miles

    A new study indicates long journeys and unexpected genetic links in Bronze Age Eurasian cultures.

  7. imaging technique tracks heavy water

    Tracing molecules’ movement in nails may help fight fungus

    Tracking chemicals through the human nail may provide valuable insight for drug development.

  8. relative of Triceratops illustration

    Triceratops relative reveals dino diversity

    A newly discovered relative of Triceratops provides new insight into the evolution of horned dinosaurs.