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Isaac Kinde: Finding cancer via altered genes

Baltimore biotech star aims to detect cancer mutations early

10:58am, September 22, 2015
Isaac Kinde headshot

DETECTION  Isaac Kinde, 31, is the chief scientific officer of PapGene, Inc. The company’s technologies can identify mutations commonly associated with cancer. 

Isaac Kinde, 31
Papgene, Inc. | Biotechnology
Graduate school: Johns Hopkins

Isaac Kinde became interested in medicine in elementary school. On Sundays, his father, a large-animal veterinarian, brought Isaac to work. “Seeing what disease could do to animals got me interested, piqued my curiosity,” Kinde says.

Kinde is chief scientific officer at PapGene, a small biotechnology startup in Baltimore founded in 2014. The company is producing advanced technologies to detect cancer before a tumor can cause symptoms or be picked up by an imaging scan. Kinde’s work is inspired by a simple idea: Cancers are much easier to treat when detected early. And that can translate into fewer deaths.

PapGene’s technologies identify mutated genes associated with cancer in a Pap

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