Collection: BICEP2

A collection of coverage on BICEP2's search for primordial gravitational waves

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  1. dust map of Milky Way

    Gravitational wave discovery gives way to Milky Way dust

    New polarization maps from the Planck satellite suggest that the BICEP2 announcement this year of primordial gravitational waves might be due entirely to dust in our galaxy.

  2. Cosmology

    Paper reporting primordial gravitational waves published

    The paper reporting the detection of primordial gravitational waves from a split-second after the Big Bang has finally been published.

  3. Cosmology

    Dustup emerges over gravitational waves discovery

    While cosmologists wait for data from Planck satellite, some worry that BICEP2 data actually come from our galaxy.

  4. quasar 3C 273

    Top 10 cosmological discoveries

    The cosmic microwave background radiation has played a part in many of cosmology’s greatest discoveries.

  5. Cosmology

    Gravitational waves unmask universe just after Big Bang

    For the first time, researchers have seen traces of superfast cosmic expansion and gravity waves.

  6. Cosmology

    Inflation rides gravity waves into cosmological history

    The discovery of gravity waves in the cosmic microwave radiation signals the success of inflationary cosmology.

  7. Cosmology

    First images of gravity waves, evidence of cosmic inflation reported

    The first images of gravitational waves and the first direct evidence for cosmic inflation were announced March 17.

  8. Cosmology

    Inflation on Trial

    Generally regarded as one of the most successful theories about the early universe, inflationary cosmology is not exactly under attack. But a few scientists are questioning whether it deserves its reputation as completely untouchable.